Climate action

Climate change is now globally recognised as one of the biggest challenges of our times, with critical impacts on human communities, natural resources and ecosystems in all their dimensions. It is also at least partly human-based, and it is thus our responsibility to mitigate its effects, and to help communities and our environment adapt to the impacts that cannot be avoided.

We believe that no “one-fits-all” solution exists in the face of such a variety of issues at local, regional and global levels, but:

  • Adapted, simple measures and solutions can initiate big momentums,
  • To get to the next level and maximise the results, every situation requires an adequate combination of measures and solutions, involving multiple actors and sectors,
  • Climate action expertise is not hanging in the air, but must be combined with specific technical, social and economic expertise.

Based on these beliefs, Prospect C&S has developed its own in-house expertise in specific climate action related fields and has built strong links with various partners in order to be able to gather the right combination of skills to address your specific issue.

Selected Project References

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