Environmental management, policy and financing

We work on environmental issues since 1995. Improved environmental management can lead to a low carbon circular economy, healthy ecosystems and increased resilience to climate change. The transition to sustainable production and consumption systems requires coordinated efforts and robust action plans. Our team focuses on the management of change.

Environmental management and policy

We provide services such as professional project management, planning, programming, monitoring, and evaluation. We develop tailor-made capacity building solutions for professionals in the private sector and public administrations on how to take the most of Programmes and Projects. Prospect C&S implements highly specialised training courses for environmental professionals in project performance monitoring and reporting. We assess the policy impact of environmental projects across Europe in various policy fields (e.g. waste, air, water, forests, chemicals, nature, etc.) and assess their impact on jobs and growth on behalf of the European Commission.

Green financing

We provide consulting services in the fields of green finance, covering all aspects of environmental projects development, from initial sustainability and bankability assessment, to preparing business plans, market studies, loan demands, to structuring specialised tailor-made financial products.

In our work we blend technical and financial skills to identify sound project finance solutions based on project features that enhance bankability and financial sustainability. Our experts have long experience in the banking sector and project financing (B.O.T., PPPs). We are closely following the development and performance of modern financial instruments (e.g. European Investment Bank) and green banking.

Selected Project References

Framework contract for monitoring of LIFE projects (action grants and operating grants), communication about the LIFE programme and other linked activities

Final Evaluation of the Programme “Capacity-Building Related to Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA) in ACP Countries Phase I”