Developing low-carbon solutions, reducing GHG emissions

Prospect C&S has specialised in the development of low-carbon strategies at different levels, from individual entities to global level, in Europe as well as in emerging and developing countries.

We also provide technical assistance for the selection, development and/or deployment of solutions for reducing GHG emissions and for implementing sustainable energy consumption patterns and sustainable energy generation technologies and systems.

Our expertise:

  • GHG Inventories and Carbon Footprints (ADEME® Methodology);
  • Development of Low Carbon Strategies at institutional, local, national and regional levels;
  • The Clean Development Mechanism (development of legal framework, policy support, concept notes of renewable and energy efficient projects, support to CDM validation, baseline studies, Calculation of National Electricity Grid Emission Factor…);
  • Formulation of pilot projects, feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses;
  • Renewable energies (micro-hydro, solar, biogas, biofuel, waste-to-energy);
  • Energy efficiency (energetic performance of buildings, efficient cook stoves);
  • Support to the preparation of UNFCCC related documents and meetings (National Communications, INDCs, Position papers, …).

Selected Project References

Formulation of the IGAD’s Regional Climate Change Strategy (IRCCS) for Eastern Africa

Diffusion of solar energy in rural areas in Mali

Calculation of the Emission Factor for the Electricity System in Djibouti

Capacity building in conducting greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories and vulnerability assessments in Ivory Coast

Carbon footprint and low-carbon strategy development for the Belgian Technical Cooperation and for the Belgian Foreign Affairs Federal Public Service

Inventory of tools and guidebooks in selected areas of the Intelligent Energy Programme