Biodiversity and management of natural resources

Our dedicated team offers an integrated approach towards sustainable natural resource management and biodiversity conservation. Thanks to our hands-on experience we provide a wide array of services going from technical assistance to project monitoring and evaluation.

For many years Prospect C&S has focused efforts on nature conservation, restoration and management both within protected areas and across the wider landscape. You can find us both in the field and behind our desk working on inventories, mapping and management plans. In addition, we invest in setting up participatory approaches and strongly promote and support community-based natural resource management. Our competence covers Belgium, Europe as well as tropical regions.

Selected Project References

Strengthening and replication of ecotourism achievements in the protected areas of Sub-Saharan Africa

Development of decision-making tools and methods allowing to quantify and rationalise options for decision-makers and political stakeholders on protected areas targeted by the 11th EDF in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Formulation of the Project “Forest management and woody biomass energy support”

Support to implementation of the Birds and Habitats Directives in Bosnia and Herzegovina