As part of a consortium led by Safège (Suez Consulting), we have been awarded a framework agreement for the “Multiple framework agreement to support EIB advisory services activities inside and outside the 27 EU Countries, Lot-1 Environment”.

This Lot includes the following sub-sectors:

  1. Water, Sanitation, Wastewater and Flood Protection
  2. Solid waste management
  3. Circular economy
  4. Climate change mitigation and climate adaptation and resilience
  5. Biodiversity and nature based solutions

The required support may be for the preparation and review of the complete project documentation, among others : technical feasibility including demand and option analysis, economic and financial analysis, environmental impact assessment, climate risk and vulnerability assessment, institutional viability, project governance mechanisms and procurement strategy, or implementation such as preparation and review of detailed designs and tender documents.

Also the support may refer to other areas that are necessary for the preparation for funding and feasibility studies (e.g. sector strategies, master plans, national tariffs, unit cost studies etc.). Services may also be required delivery of capacity building activities and for horizontal issues (including those affecting more than one project or more than one country), such as the development of methodological guidelines, model project approaches, PPP-grant blending, digitalisation or compliance with legal provisions (e.g. environmental and state-aid requirements).

The budget of specific assignments will typically range between EUR 50.000 and EUR 700.000

If any of these topics is of your interest, please send us your CV in EuropeAid format to the following e-mail address: