Reference : SIEA-2018-17230, within the FWC SIEA 2018 LOT 1: Sustainable management of natural resources and resilience (EuropeAid/138778/DH/SER/Multi); in association with COWI Belgium

Country: Mozambique

Budget: € 563,376

Duration: 35 months


Mozambique is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change and weather-related disasters in the world and one of the least prepared to face them. It is, also, a unique shrine of biodiversity, gifted with globally important ecological regions, ranging from rift valley forests to pristine wetlands and marine ecosystems. Moreover, the country has a remarkably young age structure: youth (aged 10–35) accounts for almost half of the total population.

Facing these challenges, the country is eager to adopt inclusive and sustainable development paths, capable of balancing the acceleration expected from the exploitation of its gas resources and the political and social fractures still threatening its structural cohesion.

The European Union and its Member States are encouraging the country to consider the potential of a genuinely inclusive and sustainable development model, shaped by the principles (and evidence) of the European green transition plan.

Team Europe Initiatives in Mozambique

Team Europe (TE), consisting of the EU, its Member States and their diplomatic network, finance institutions and implementing organisations, the EIB and the EBRD, is set to strengthen coordination, coherence and complementarities of actions to scale up European impact and raise Europe as partner of reference. Team Europe Initiatives (TEIs) concretise and operationalise the Team Europe approaches, for which a high-level policy dialogue with the Government and all other relevant stakeholders at national level is essential.

In Mozambique, TEI “Green Deal for Mozambique” is set on the role of the European Union and the EU Member States in nurturing the concrete commitment of the Government regarding sustainable development and climate change, and in providing resources to support climate action and green transition in the country.

With E-Youth TEI, The EU commits to contribute to the educational, economic and political inclusion of African youth, by aiming to solve the “Triple E” challenge of Education, Employment, Empowerment.


The overall objective is to support the EU Delegation and the Member States in the implementation of the TEIs Green Deal and E-Youth in Mozambique.

The purpose of the assignment is to support the Task Forces of the TEIs Green Deal and E-Youth in the next steps towards the operationalization as well as to support the coordination of the Green Deal TEI.

Our Tasks:

In association with COWI Belgium, our experts are entrusted with :

  • The overall coordination and operational management of the Green Deal TEI
  • The design and operationalisation of the M&E Framework of the Team Europe Initiatives Green Deal and E-Youth