As announced, Prospect C&S with its partners was selected by the European Commission in the frame of the open invitation to tender No ENV/2021/OP/0017 for “Services supporting the evaluation, implementation and further development of air quality and emissions policies”.

Our consortium has just been awarded a specific contract for an offer delivered end of December 2022 : “Service to technically assess compliance and monitor the implementation of EU Air Quality Policy”.

The overall objectives of this specific contract are

  1. The support the assessment of air quality plans and programmes, on an ad-hoc basis, including compliance trajectories submitted by the Member States relating to the principal objectives and obligations covered by the current Ambient Air Quality Directives, in particular related to achieving the limit values for air pollutants.
  2. The support the assessment of, and implementation of their air quality objectives, on an ad-hoc basis, including in particular as relates to the implementation of air quality assessment obligations covered by the current Ambient Air Quality Directives, including as relates to the deduction of natural sources contributions from measured concentrations, short-term action plans, transboundary cooperation, location and number of sampling points in specific air quality zones.

This contract of a value of 150k€ will last for two years.