The global objective of this GCCA project was to support the country in the implementation of a national response to climate change and contribute to a sustainable and growing economy while maintaining low carbon emissions and reversing environmental degradation.
The specific objectives of this technical assistance were to strengthen capacities and help the Government of Lesotho to finalise:

  • a National Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy, inclusive of implementation costs;
  • a National Sustainable and Renewable Energy Strategy inclusive of implementation costs;
  • policies and institutional frameworks to support implementation of these strategies;
  • a Climate Change and Environmental monitoring and evaluation framework.

These specific objectives were integrated within the 3 components of the technical assistance which were:

  1. Policy analysis and formulation
  2. Strategy development and action plans
  3. Capacity strengthening.

Client: National Authorizing Officer
Location: Lesotho
Period: 06/2016 – 09/2017