Landscapes and green infrastructure

Integrated landscape management has proven to be a valuable approach to upscale action at local level. A healthy Green Infrastructure provides a wide range of ecosystem services in a (peri-) urban and rural context and ensures more connectivity between protected areas. That is why we promote its integration into EU spatial planning and territorial development, using natural solutions that involve sustainable ecological, economic and social benefits. Over the years, our team has provided these types of services to a wide range of clients, including government services, private companies and landscape architects.

Our expertise includes the following:

  • Ecosystem-based approach & Integrated landscape management approach;
  • Sustainable Natural Resources Management;
  • Agro-ecology & Agroforestry, agro-environmental measures;
  • Restoration of natural habitats;
  • Biodiversity enhancement in infrastructure projects or urban development projects;
  • Biodiversity advice and technical assistance to landscape architects;
  • Forestry and Sustainable Forest management, Community based forest management;
  • Development of ecotourism;
  • Inventory, mapping, GIS at landscape level.