Biodiversity assessments and certification

Prospect C&S has taken on the challenge of reconciling biodiversity enhancement with infrastructure and economic development in urban and rural areas, through appropriate measures. We recognize that the private sector is a driving force in this process. Additional benefits can be derived by investing in measures that foster biodiversity. Prospect C&S’ team has the capacity to provide high quality advice and, when required, scientific expertise to private and public enterprises on any biodiversity-related environmental initiative, e.g. on the biodiversity component of Environmental Impact Assessments, as part of the BREEAM certification process or company’s System of Environmental Management. Typically, Prospect C&S is also the right partner to develop appropriate measures in favour of biodiversity in the green spaces of industrial estates.

Our expertise includes the following:

  • Corporate social responsibility;
  • Feasibly studies, environmental due diligence processes and Environmental Impact Assessments;
  • Appropriate assessments of projects around Natura 2000 sites;
  • Biodiversity assessments as part of certification procedures (BREEAM, ISO 14001, FSC, …) and ecolabels;
  • Ecological studies, ecological monitoring;
  • Biodiversity component of environmental action plans of enterprises;
  • Biodiversity-oriented management of green spaces in industrial zones.