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TEI (Team Europe Initiatives) Implementation Facility

Sectors Environment, Governance, Management Services
Language English, Portuguese
Status Tender phase
CV Deadline 2022-11-30 (Closed Project)

Mozambique is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change and weather-related disasters in the world and one of the least prepared to face them. It is, also, a unique shrine of biodiversity, gifted with globally important ecological regions, ranging from rift valley forests to pristine wetlands and marine ecosystems. Mozambique is, eventually, also a country in search of inclusive and sustainable development paths, capable of balancing the acceleration expected from the exploitation of its gas resources and the political and social fractures still marring its structural cohesion.

The European Union and its Member States, thanks to their established, positive partnership with the Mozambican Government and society, are well placed to provide a strategic contribution to this search, encouraging the country to look at the potential of a genuinely inclusive and sustainable development model, shaped by the principles (and evidences) of the European green transition plan. In doing so, partners will have to acknowledge and realistically manage the intrinsic tension between a strong push for climate sensitive policies and the support they consistently and legitimately voice to the effort of the Government and the private sector to develop the off-shore gas investments in Cabo Delgado.

Since the launch of the Green Deal, EU services are committed to translate its vision in Europe's partnerships around the globe, especially with developing countries. One of the main challenges in this effort is to present partner countries with a contextualized narrative, able to provide evidence of the validity of the Green Deal logic in their specific development phases and overall social contexts. Mozambique might be a partial exception. Climate Change is a very topical subject in the country, especially due to the impact of 2019 cyclones and the recurrence of major weather related shocks. While decision makers are sensitive to the issue, transversal policy prioritisation and inter-institutional coordination are insufficient in the light of the measures needed to protect (in the long term) and prepare (in the shorter) the country to climate challenges. In that context, the role of the European Union and the EU Member States is essential in nurturing the concrete commitment of the Government and in providing resources to support climate action and green transition in the country.


Global objective

The overall objective of the contract is to support the EUD and the MS in the implementation of the TEIs Green Deal and E-Youth in Mozambique.

Specific objective

The purpose of the assignment is to support the Task Forces of the TEIs Green Deal and E-Youth in the next steps towards the operationalization as well as to support the coordination of the Green Deal TEI


The mission shall provide assistance on the 2 areas of work as follows:

  1. Overall coordination and operational management of the GD TEI:

This area will involve the following activities:

  • Prepare an initial Work Plan (WP) for the duration of the assignment and six-monthly WPs to be submitted to the EUD and TF for discussion and endorsement at least 45 days before the beginning of the covered period;
  • Support the overall coordination of the operationalization of the TEI GD, in collaboration with the EU Green Deal Task force, the EUD, the EUMS and other stakeholders;
  • Manage and supervise tasks in support of the development and implementation of the M&E framework and its implementation;
  • Preparation, moderation, secretariat and follow-up functions of TF meetings and, if relevant, participation to other sector meetings;
  • Identify specific topics and themes to carry out analysis and studies to be used in policy dialogue;
  • Carrying out sector analysis (concept notes, position papers, studies ) and conduct meetings with key involved stakeholders (EUD, MSs, TFs, Government and others if relevant);
  • Ensure logistics, coordination and organisation of meetings, workshops and events including inter-alia, travel and accommodation costs, booking of meeting/conference/concert rooms, speakers/artists/etc., translation/interpretation services, equipment, materials etc.;
  • Provide a link between the task forces and the political steer (HoMs/HoCs) by representing the task forces in political steering discussions as needed;
  • Support outreach at the technical level with key Green Deal related ministries (Ministerio da Terra e Ambiente (MTA), Ministerio da Agricultura e do Desenvolvmento Rural (MADER), Ministerio da Economia e das Finanças (MEF), Ministerio dos Recursos Minerais e Energia (MIREME), Ministerio das Obras Publicas Habitação e Recursos Hidricos (MOPHRH) etc…) and state agencies for the implementation of the TEI;
  • Support coordination among pillars and components of the TEI, encouraging overall TEI coherence;
  • Maintain a financial overview of the TEI and ensure regular follow-up with Team Europe members on their respective programming and potential contributions;
  • Maintain the mapping of regional TEIs that are active in the same areas/sectors and proactively liaise with these to ensure complementarities;
  • Coordinate with the E-Youth TEI to promote cross-fertilization and capitalise on lessons learnt;
  • Plan, coordinate and logistically organise joint missions (EUD and MS) and joint policy dialogues with relevant stakeholders including civil society, parliament, private sector, local authorities etc.;
  • Organise joint reporting or other monitoring and evaluation activities, including data collection and data sharing related issues;
  • Draft annual “Stories of Change” report (see template annex);
  • Quality review of outputs produced by M&E expert;
  • In collaboration with EU Strategic Communication service provider and in close coordination e-Youth TEI task Force; contribute to the development and implementation of GD TEI Communication and Visibility Strategy and action plan .

  2. M&E framework set-up and operationalization for TEI GD and TEI E-Youth:

This area will involve the following activities:

a) Design M&E system for output and impact monitoring of the programme for both TEIs. - Critically analyse and fine-tune the JIL, including the results chain with SMART indicators, baselines, realistic targets and assumptions, taking into account most relevant Government policies, EU Result Framework (EU RF) and SDGs monitoring systems; - Collect data to inform JIL indicators (baseline); - Define standard criteria and modality to ensure the regular update of Team Europe projects’ database so to improve its accuracy and enable reliable analysis; - Prepare an M&E manual outlining implementation program/action plan with reporting frequency, responsibilities, tools, procedures, indicator fiches, concept for data handling (e.g. to avoid double counting in financial matrix) etc.

b) Implementation and roll-out of the M&E framework for both TEIs: - Collect data to update JIL indicators every 6 months; - Assist with the identification and implementation of needed adjustments to the M&E system; - Coordinate and carry out the periodical monitoring exercise and propose necessary adaptations to the system, in close cooperation with the TFs, EU MS and programme implementers; - Conduct TEI M&E tool training sessions for programme implementers or Government, if relevant; - Support decision-making process, providing relevant M&E data and information analysis, including elaboration of document on lessons learned; - Support data quality control check after data collection; - Support elaboration of concept notes and commissioning of specific studies/analysis, if applicable; - Support the organization and realization of Workshops related to M&E results and lessons learned diffusion; - Compile data and draft annual quantitative data report (see annexes III and IV ); - Provide inputs to coordinators for Stories of Change (see template annex V) annual report;

Terms of Reference Download

Project Position 1


Expert Cat. I (>12 years of experience)

Qualifications and skills required

• Master degree in Environment, Natural Resource Management, Engineering, Climate Change or any other area relevant to the assignment. • Excellent interpersonal skills • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including ability to prepare reports and conduct presentations • Computer literate (MS office tools, online collaborative tools)

Language skills

• English C2 Level • Portuguese: B2 level

Required Experience

General professional experience

• At least 12 years’ relevant experience in international/ development cooperation • Previous experience as Team Leader in at least 2 long term assignments or for a total duration of 3 years • Solid experience in facilitating multi-stakeholder processes or donor consultations of 20+ stakeholders • Expertise in the design and project management, organisational development, monitoring and communication • Strong analytical and writing skills • Previous professional experience in Mozambique or Southern African region is an added value

Specific professional experience

• Knowledge of EU sectorial policies and external cooperation • Proven experience in policy dialogue processes, especially on climate change, environment or related issues • Expertise in institutional capacity building for government departments • Previous experience in working with/for the Government of Mozambique on relevant thematic area and/or with EU Joint Programming and/or Team Europe Initiatives areas will be an asset- • Proven ability to work in a multicultural team as well as strong communication and networking skills • Proven experience of negotiations at, national and international level

Estimated Manpower 210 w/d
Mission Begin Indicative start date: 14/02/2023
Mission End Indicative end date: 14/02/2026
Contact Chloé Mitard

Project Position 2


Expert Cat. I (>12 years of experience)

Qualifications and skills required

• Master degree Economics, Statistics or any other area relevant to the assignment • Excellent interpersonal skills • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including ability to prepare reports and conduct presentations • Computer literate (MS office tools, online collaborative tools, statistical tools, GIS)

Language skills

• English C1 Level • Portuguese: B1 level

Required Experience

General professional experience

• At least 12 years’ relevant experience in international / development cooperation. • Previous professional experience in Mozambique or in Southern Africa will be an asset. • Experience in working with complex programming processes.

Specific professional experience

• At least 6 years of experience in setting up and implementation of M&E frameworks (including development of results frameworks) in the cooperation sector • Proven expertise in data gathering and analysing, generating graphs and material ready to use for communication. • Experience in formulating intervention logics and developing respective logical frameworks in line with the EU logical framework approach and/or in one or more of the sectors of the TEI GD and TEI E-Youth will be an asset.

Estimated Manpower 150 w/d
Mission Begin Indicative start date: 14/02/2023
Mission End Indicative end date: 14/02/2026
Contact Chloé Mitard