Prospect C&S has been selected by the European Commission in the frame of the open invitation to tender No ENV/2021/OP/0017 for “Services supporting the evaluation, implementation and further development of air quality and emissions policies”.

The general objective of the framework contract (with reopening of competition) will be to support the European Commission and in particular DG Environment Clean Air Unit with the evaluation, revision, implementation and further development of air quality policies. This will include the assessment of current and future policies and the identification of management options at European, national, regional or local levels including the assessment of their effectiveness, cost and benefits and means of implementation measures through various legal and non-legal instruments.  

The 3 specific objectives are:  

  • Analysing different aspects of air quality and air pollution, its sources, its impacts on human health and the environment, and its economic impacts. 
  • The assessment of measures, plans and programmes to curb air pollution and improve air quality. 
  • Provide support to policy evaluation and policy development. 

In order to fully meet the challenges and requirements of the framework contract, a dedicated consortium has been formed between 11 dedicated companies/institutions with Prospect C&S as the lead partner. This consortium combines the vast experience of Prospect C&S and its partners within all aspects of international consulting services relating to economic technical and legal analysis of environmental policies, and in particular air quality and air emission policies as well as administrative, technical and legal support for their implementation at EU level and in respective member states.  

The consortium members are: Prospect C&S (lead), Aria Technologies (France), Atmoterm (Poland), Estonian Latvian Lithuanian Environment – ELLE (Latvia), the Environmental Management and Law Association – EMLA (Hungary), The Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research – IOBE (Greece), Suez Consulting (France), Metclim (Italy), the Lombardy Regional Agency for Environmental Protection – ARPA Lombardia (Italy), The Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research of the Superior Council for Scientific Research – IDAEA – CSIC (Spain) and 4Sfera Innovation (Spain).

The Framework contract is foreseen to run for a period of two years with a budget of 5 Million Euros, with a possibility of a two years renewal.