The 2018 Support Plan (SP), developed by the Government of Niger (DNPGCA) and its partners, aimed at supporting the population groups in food and nutritional insecurity (around 3.8 million people). This by combining prevention, emergency and rehabilitation actions. Among the 14 operations planned as part of the Support Plan, 5 were covered by this evaluation: Targeted Free Distribution (DGC) of cereals, Sale of cereals at moderate prices, Sale of livestock feed at moderate prices, Cash for Work operation (CFW), Local Grain Purchases for small producers.

More than 450,000 households were targeted by these operations for an overall cost of about EUR 37 million.
The mission evaluated the execution of these 5 specific operations in terms of strategic design and planning, operational management, as well as the impact on the targeted populations. Based on these findings, the experts have extracted lessons learned and formulated strategic and operational recommendations for future interventions and more broadly to inform thinking and decision-making on national food security policies and sustainable agricultural development.

Client: EU Delegation to Niger
Location: Niger
Period: 01/2019 – 10/2019