The objective of this 18-month service contract was to promote effective dissemination of best agricultural and environmental practices and capacity building in modern farming techniques among young farmers and young professionals in the agro-food sector both in China and in Europe.

The action aimed at producing recommendations to practitioners and policy makers in the agricultural field, in particular on sustainable farming practices, and thus contributing to a long-term uptake of these techniques and practices.

The technical assistance organised 4 study tours in close collaboration with several institutional partners such as DG-AGRI (EU), the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA), the EU Delegation in Beijing, and agriculture ministries in the 4 visited European countries (Belgium, Portugal, UK, Estonia, Poland). Two study tours were organised in European countries and two in China. The participants were young farmers or agro-food sector professionals from China and Europe (20 European and 24 Chinese).

At the end of the project a final conference was organised in Beijing to present feedback and exchange views on the study visits and related activities, draw conclusions on the exchange programme, review potential regulations and best practices for encouraging the uptake of agri-environmental practices by young generations and provide recommendations for possible future regulations.

Client: EU Delegation to China
Location: Europe and China
Period: 06/2017– 12/2018