The Food and Nutrition Security Programme (SAN), with a financial allocation from the European Commission of € 156 million over 5 years, supports the Chadian government’s efforts to favor a multidimensional and multisectoral approach to medium and long-term development. This technical assistance mission supported the Ministry of the Economy and Development Planning in the initial phase of the SAN programme, and more specifically in the operationalisation of the financing agreement for this 11th EDF project.

The technical assistance was responsible to:

  • provide knowledge on the rules and contractual procedures that apply to EU external aid actions, including those financed by the EDF;
  • develop different financial management documents, bidding documents and calls for proposals;
  • support the development of the capacities that will be needed for the coordination and proactive participation of the institutions concerned in the preparation, implementation and monitoring & evaluation of this large-scale and complex cross-sectoral programme;
  • strengthen the communication capacities of the SAN coordination to ensure the visibility of the work done by the Government and the EU, from the early start of the programme.

Client: EU Delegation to Chad
Location: Chad
Period: 12/2017 – 09/2018