The Programme for Food Security and Nutrition (PROSANUT) was a 4-year action funded from the European Commission’s budget amounting to 8 MEUR.

A first component supported the Ministry of Agriculture to strengthen the agricultural sector information systems throughout the country designed to monitor the agricultural campaign and the market trends.

The second component aimed to improve the availability, accessibility, acceptability, utilisation and stability of nutrient-rich foods through the promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives and income generating activities in 4 eastern provinces of the country. The action was implemented by a grant contract with several NGOs.

The evaluation team conducted a comprehensive and independent analysis of the performance of the programme, with particular attention to its performance in comparison with the fixed objectives.
The report included lessons learned and recommendations, in order to improve, where appropriate, present and future actions.

Client: EU Delegation to Burundi
Location: Burundi
Period: 10/2017 – 01/2018