The Horn of Africa has been noted to be one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change, in particular its mainly natural resources-based economy, and faces serious water shortages, food scarcity, increased risks of livelihood systems, and vulnerability to a number of climate change-induced disasters and diseases.

The overall objective of this assignment was to develop an IGAD policy and strategy for climate change that promotes low carbon and climate resilient development in the Greater Horn of Africa, which should serve as a principal guide for IGAD’s climate change activities in support of the region’s climate smart and sustainable development agenda.

The specific objectives were:

  • Developing a regional climate change strategy;
  • Generating climate baseline;
  • Recommending a suitable approach for climate change vulnerability assessment in the region;
  • Enhancing awareness of decision makers on climate change issues in the region;
  • Facilitating the design of specific programmes and concepts to address climate change adaptation and mitigation in the region; and
  • Recommending a suitable institutional framework (legal, policy and organisational arrangements and collaboration) to promote climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.

Prospect C&S provided 2 of the 4 Key Experts contracted to carry out this assignment.

Client: EU Delegation of Djibouti
Location: IGAD region
Period: 09/2015-04/2016