The vision and development strategy for the transboundary upper Scheldt river basin is based on an integrated approach covering ecology, agriculture, industry, river transport, tourism, cultural life, urban development and general quality of life. For each topic an in-depth situation analysis was made. The project area concerned three regions in two different countries resulting in a challenging situation where every topic was covered by at least 3 different policies and institutions. Stakeholder participation was very important and continuously done during the project. Various workshops were organised for local stakeholders and politicians, in addition to many bilateral contacts. Once the vision outlines were determined, the vision was applied to 15 locations, selected by the steering committee. These ‘zooms’, illustrated how the vision could be implemented improving the landscape and quality of life. Finally, during a public event, a chart was signed by all project partners, politicians and many stakeholders, engaging themselves in the implementation of the proposed integrated vision.

Prospect C&S was responsible for the study of the multi-sectoral ecological aspects and the ecological approach of the integrated vision. Prospect C&S was also largely involved in the organisation and facilitation of the stakeholder workshops and responsible for the project management.

Client: West Flanders Province
Location: Belgium – France
Period: 07/2013-06/2014