The Belgian Fund for Food Security seeks to improve the food security of the populations living in areas where food insecurity is very likely to occur, including the most vulnerable groups of this population.

Prospect C&S was mandated to facilitate the formulation of the future FBSA multi-stakeholder programme in the DRC (territory of Kabinda). The mission aimed at facilitating the consultation between the partners organisations during the programme and projects formulation, coordinating the formulation between partners’ project (Caritas International in Belgium, Belgian Red Cross, ULB Cooperation, Broedelijk Delen and BTC), and developing the technical and financial documents of the consolidated programme. In parallel, the mission also focused on (i) seeking synergies and complementarities with other projects implemented in the area, (ii) identifying vulnerable target groups, (iii) conducting a comprehensive analysis of MINAGRIDER’s capacities, (iv) deepening the coordination roles and (v) developing a strategy based on the analysis of the cross-cutting issues carried out by the partners organisations.

Client: DGD – Belgium foreign affairs Ministry (FBSA)
Location: Democratic Republic of Congo
Period: 01-06/2015