The overall objective of this project was to develop appropriate intervention measures for EU-ASEAN support actions addressing initiatives related to biodiversity conservation for the period 2014-2020, that also contribute to poverty reduction in the long term. A detailed strategy was elaborated in this regard. As part of the strategy two interventions focusing on climate change and biodiversity in the ASEAN context were elaborated. One focused on support for ASEAN cooperation for biodiversity conservation through the ACB Program and the other one on peatland management support within ASEAN. Cross-cutting issues of importance include i) Good governance to effectively safeguard and improve biodiversity, ii) enhancement of ASEAN Heritage Parks and improved management of peatlands, iii) integrated approach focusing on the synergies between biodiversity conservation and peatland programs.

Client: EU Delegation to Indonesia
Location: Southeast Asia
Period: 04/2014-05/2015