The government of Niger decided to implement food assistance measures such as Free Targeted Distribution (FTD) in areas of severe food insecurity. This operation, carried out in two separate phases, targeted 1.5 million individuals spread out over 214 thousand households. The evaluation mission handled by Prospect C&S covered the preparatory phase of the 2014 FTD operation (including targeting of beneficiaries, logistical and administrative preparation and financial management of the operation), the distribution process itself managed by all the stakeholders, the follow-up of the operation as well as the main effects achieved. Cross-cutting issues (gender equality, young and elderly needs, good governance, complementarity with the same type of interventions conducted by other partners, but also the coordination of actions carried out by the entitled bodies) have also been examined in order to evaluate if they were taken into consideration in the 2014 FTD.

Client: EU Delegation to Niger
Location: Niger
Period: 01-03/2015