Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) are situated in 5 distinct geographic regions, and display a great deal of diversity with respect to their sizes, climates, populations and economies. They extend from the tropics to the polar regions and encompass Greenland, the world’s largest island, as well as Saba, a territory of only 13 km2.

A complete set of updated environmental profiles was produced: one for each of the OCTs, five regional profiles, as well as a separate profile on all of the OCTs collectively. These are particularly focused on any significant development since 2006 (previous profiles were made in January 2007), change in priorities, evolution of good governance and environmental components indicators (or aspects in the absence thereof). The profiles also contain details of the main environmental challenges and vulnerabilities and were set in a socio-economic developmental perspective.

A booklet (format A5 – 48 pages) summarising the main findings and recommendations per region and per territory was published.

Client: EuropeAid
Location: Overseas Countries and Territories
Period: 09/2013-02/2015