LIFE (L’Instrument Financier pour l’Environnement) is the main European Commission funding mechanism for improving the state of the environment in the European Union.

This contract dealt with the monitoring of the 4 brands of the LIFE Programme: LIFE Environment, LIFE Nature & Biodiversity , LIFE Information & Good Governance and LIFE NGO.

Activities included:

  • Providing technical support to the monitoring of projects co-financed by LIFE;
  • Assessing the administrative, technical and financial problems encountered in the implementation of the projects / Seeking solutions;
  • Preparing monitoring and assessment reports;
  • Conducting ex-post evaluations and assessing for their long-term impact and to which extend they contribute to reach the targets set out in the EU environment policy;
  • Evaluating annual reports of NGOs receiving grants through LIFE+ and undertaking financial audit missions;
  • Undertaking the communication about the LIFE programme through publications, a dedicated LIFE website, organisation and participations to events, etc.
  • Other activities: Setting-up of the Land Purchase Database, Thematic studies (soils, climate change), Platform meetings and environmental technical innovative projects, etc.

In the framework of this contract, Prospect C&S was partner in a consortium set-up in a European Economic Interest Groupings (Astrale GEIE) and composed of 10 companies. Prospect C&S was specifically in charge with the monitoring of projects in BeNeLux, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece, and provided also some of the NGO auditors and monitors.

Client: European Commission
Location: Europe (EU MS 27)
Period: 01/2013-12/2014