This mission was implemented under the global contract “GCCA Climate Support Facility”.

The AOPP (Association des Organisations Professionnelles Paysannes) in Mali is implementing a national programme to promote use of Solar Energy in rural areas in association with a Belgian NGO (SOS Faim) and a micro-credit institution (Kafo Jiginews). They therefore requested assistance from the CSF to:

  • Evaluate the needs and requests formulated by AOPP members;
  • Seek quotes from professionals of the Solar Energy sector and evaluate offers for the above requests;
  • Elaborate evaluation procedure and criterion and strengthening capacities of the AOPP, SOS Faim and Kafo Jiginews staff in the two above tasks in order for them to be able to replicate similar analysis in the future.

The mission was a success and 82 solar installations have been validated for a total of 172 solar panels and a generation power of 32 KWc.

Client: ACP Secretariat
Location: Mali
Period: 11/2013-01/2014