This mission was implemented under the global contract “GCCA Climate Support Facility”.

The NGO Ecodev is a Malagasy association working on improvement of livelihoods and environment of poor populations of Madagascar.

The NGO is looking into setting up a pilot project for improving livelihoods while promoting sustainable natural resources management around the protected forest areas of Alaotra Mangoro. In order to assist them in this programme, Ecodev requested assistance from the CSF to build their capacities into:

  • Formulating a pilot project and conducting a feasibility study;
  • Understanding the various climate funds available to finance the pilot project.

The CSF therefore conducted a feasibility study on the requested project and reinforced capacities of Ecodev staff through on-the-job learning. A training on climate finance was then organised, using the feasibility study carried out as a working exercise and case study.

Client: ACP Secretariat
Location: Madagascar
Period: 06-10/2013