The purpose of this assignment was to conduct a feasibility study on a pilot project for improving livelihoods while promoting sustainable natural resources management around the protected forest areas of Alaotra Mangoro region, in support to the national NGO Ecodev who had identified the project. Capacity building assistance (on-the-job learning) was provided to Ecodev to formulate the project and subsequently implement it. The mission allowed identification of very interesting opportunities for integrated sustainable development in the region. After a brief assessment of the problems of degradation of watersheds and deforestation threats, economic activities to promote were selected on the condition that they had only a positive impact on the conservation of the ecosystems: watershed management, development of community-based forest management plans and REDD, reforestation, development of ecotourism, protection of forest corridors, sustainable agriculture, fisheries, livestock rearing and exploitation of non-timber forest products. Institutional mechanisms for the implementation of the project were also identified.

Client: EuropeAid
Location: Madagascar
Period: 06-10/2013