Through the GCCA ACP program funded under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF), the Climate Support Facility has been requested to assist in the calculation of the emission factor for Djibouti’s electricity system and to build capacity in the application of the corresponding calculation tool.

Having a very favourable natural environment for production of renewable energy (solar, aeolian, geothermal), Djibouti has worked on the development of a number of projects like for instance a wind energy project in Goubet or a geothermal energy project in the Assal Rift. The idea is to implement these projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and to generate, besides energy, carbon credits (Units Certified Emission Reduction). However, in order to participate at the CDM, Djibouti must present realistic estimations of the emission reductions that would result from implementing the proposed projects.

There was therefore a need for the CSF to undertake a preliminary study aiming to calculate the emission factor of the electricity system.

Client: ACP Secretariat
Location: Djibouti
Period: 09/2012-01/2013