Prospect C&S was contracted by The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, through the project “Improving farmer’s access to quality planting material for roots, tubers and fruit species” to perform the “elaboration of quality control and certification procedures for planting material of roots and tubers, banana and fruit species, and training of staff to apply these procedures”.

The mission aimed at:

  1. improving the management system of supply and demand;
  2. increasing production capacity at all levels of the multiplication chain;
  3. professionalising multiplication chains with increased involvement of associations and private sector;
  4. developing strategies for the introduction of quality planting materials at the level of informal sector;
  5. organising the distribution of quality planting materials;
  6. improving the organisation of quality control and;
  7. developing a communication / awareness policy on the benefits of the use of quality planting materials.

Client: Belgian Technical Cooperation
Location: Rwanda
Period: 06-07/2011