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Technical Assistance to the Net Zero Mission – Sarajevo Functional Urban Area

Country Bosnia - Herzegovina
Sectors Not specified
Status Framework
CV Deadline 2024-04-04 (Closed Project)

Sarajevo is one of the most polluted cities on the planet for over a dozen days in any given winter period, with measures above 400 μg/m³ particulates, or almost 10 times the World Health Organisation recommended limit. Its economy is entirely based on burning fossil fuels – coal, oil, diesel, gas etc. - and in spite of incremental attempts to tackle this challenge, its fossil fuel consumption and Greenhouse Gas (GHG’s) emissions have been rising steadily at 2.7% per year for at least a decade.

In the same period, the consumption of diesel in the transport sector has risen substantially. In all cases data - which shows a direct and pervasive threat to life of inhabitants as well as damaging the tourism offer - also represents a climate change challenge with each citizen of Sarajevo estimated to produce approximately 5.5 tonnes of CO2 per annum, mostly from heating and transport.

It is acknowledged that achieving net zero within a decade in Sarajevo is a complex challenge, with an integral approach required for the climate neutral mission. A number of key priority areas (see terms of reference) have been identified for Sarajevo where clear strategies and actions will be required in support of the climate neutrality ambition. A wide range of potential solutions exist for these priority areas, which will need to be carefully considered when developing the NZC CNAP for Sarajevo FUA.


Global objective : Provide technical support to the Net Zero Mission Sarajevo Functional Urban Area in preparing the Cities Mission Climate City Contract (CCC), the City’s Climate Neutrality Action Plan (CNAP) and the Climate Neutrality Investment Plan (CNIP).

Specific objectives : • Work collaboratively with the Net Zero Mission Coordinator, Sarajevo FUA Beneficiaries (including the City of Sarajevo, City of East Sarajevo and Canton Sarajevo), acting under the technical lead of Canton Sarajevo, to review and assess current strategies, plans and actions aimed at climate neutrality to identify gaps in policies, data and measures needed to achieve the climate ambition. Support Net Zero Mission Sarajevo build an effective transition team including the Net Zero Sarajevo Coordinator and drawing on representatives from the participating city governments, in support of the Functional Urban Area;

• Through engagement with the NetZeroCities (NZC) city support programme, the relevant city advisor, deepen the understanding of ways to address and overcome barriers, accelerate actions through proactive engagement of stakeholders and citizens, build systemic interventions, and mobilise funding and financing critical to effective implementation;

• Prepare and draft the Sarajevo FUA NZC CNAP and CNIPs, based on the Guidance provided by the NetZeroCities (NZC);

• On behalf of the Net Zero Mission Sarajevo FUA coordinator and City of Sarajevo facilitate the necessary Citizens Assemblies and other outreach activities, with special reference to the Enterprise Alliance and Civic Platform required as part of the process to establish the NZC CNAP and CNIP;

• Based on the final CNAP, propose a draft Roadmap for the Sarajevo FUA with estimated actions, timetable and resources needed in order to successfully achieve comprehensive preparation of CCC;

• Recommend key climate actions which, given the abbreviated timeline, will be required in order to meet the Net Zero Emissions target within a decade.

Terms of Reference Download

Project Position 1

Position Climate Change Adaptation Experts in Urban Context (several positions)
Required Experience

The minimum requirements covered by the team of experts as a whole are detailed below:

Experience in preparation of cross-sector climate-focused investment strategies for cities or regions, which has required the calculation of CO2 emissions;

Experience in establishing, facilitating and reporting on broad consultation activities such as citizens assemblies, public workshops, focus groups etc;

Experience in green/sustainable cities, preferably in measuring environmental performance and improvements in development of sustainability plans for cities/urban areas;

Experience in local governance policies, particularly related to urban planning, climate change mitigation/adaptation and environmental policies and investment programmes;

Experience in economics, particularly in applied cost-benefit analysis and/or related multi-criteria analysis relating to sustainable programmes and initiatives;

Experience in finance including knowledge of private and public financing on related green/sustainable projects;Experience in urban and spatial planning in relation to the development of sustainable solutions to support municipal city functions;

Experience in incorporation of environmental, economic, social and gender aspects in the development green/sustainable/resilient city agendas;

Experience in working with municipalities in IPA countries relating to urban sustainability and both national and local municipal infrastructure planning and implementation.

Estimated Manpower To be determined
Mission Begin 27/05/2024
Mission End 27/05/2025
Contact Pierre Van der Vaeren

Project Position 2

Position Support staff - 3 Positions

Provide daily support to the three beneficiaries in collecting information, liaising with stakeholders, organising meetings and supporting as necessary the day-to-day activities of the project.

One support staff shall be appointed as liaison officer per respective administration (City of Sarajevo, Canton Sarajevo and East Sarajevo), and they shall provide the project team, beneficiaries and project structure (Project steering committee) with ongoing administrative assistance and other related, as required

Estimated Manpower Full time positions
Mission Begin 27/05/2024
Mission End 27/05/2025
Contact Pierre Van der Vaeren