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Sustainable development - Multi sectoral

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CV Deadline 2024-06-30

In our experience with current and past framework contracts, most of the requests for services aim at fostering the transformation of economies toward a green growth development model -environmentally sustainable and economically viable- aligned with policies of reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and sustainable development goals. Public and private stakeholders can henceforth devise green growth plans and strategies, which can in turn be translated into projects aligned with sectoral priorities.

More specifically, the issues considered cover: 1. Reduction of GHG Emissions 2. Creation of green jobs, services and infrastructure 3. Increased access to sustainable services such as clean affordable energy, public transport, sanitation and waste management 4. The improvement of air quality, implying the reduction of pollutants from industrial as well as domestic origins 5. The protection of biodiversity and natural ecosystems, as to allow an economy depending on their sustainable exploitation, such as climate smart regenerative agriculture, climate-resilient agribusiness, forestry, blue economy in coastal zones and wetland landscapes.

Within the framework of our activities in providing highly competent and experienced skills for framework contracts with international clients, (a.o. European Commission and the European Investment Bank), we are constantly searching for new talents on specific issues, related to sustainable development and management of biodiversity and natural resources such as those indicated here above.

We are currently searching for additional new talents to respond to request for services for short, mid and long terms assignments.


Objective: To carry out formulation of technical proposal for tenders, implementation and/or evaluation (effectiveness, efficiency, impact) of initiatives designed to foster environmentally sustainable and economically viable development, in a Green Growth perspective.

Specific topics to consider can include : 1. public policies fostering green growth policies, strategies and plans 2. Enabling environment for green investments including the formulation of bankable projects 3. Institutional strengthening, knowledge sharing, both in the public and private sectors


Activities: Conduct thematic and/or country related formulation or evaluations of specific projects. In the case of evaluation of projects, aspects usually to consider can be, among others, as follow: • Relevance of the objectives, with regards to the specific stake the projects aim to address • Integration of green principles and practices in the project design • Efficiency of resource allocation • Effectiveness of stakeholders engagement • Effectiveness of capacity building • Economic and social impact, such as job creation, contribution to sectoral economic growth, contribution to innovation and technology transfer • Social impacts, such as social equity • Long term viability • Documentation and communication of lessons learned.

Project Position

Position Sustainable development experts

Qualification: At least a master’s degree in life sciences, earth sciences, social sciences and economy, green and/or sustainable finances; at least five years of field experience in a specific topic can be considered as well as valid qualification. Language skills: full proficiency in English as well as another language such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, …

Required Experience

At least 10 years in project design, coordination and/or evaluation in thematic related to the topics and expected outcome as stated here above, including technical, management and financial aspects.

At least 10 years of proven professional experience, preferably in more than two main topics related to formulation, negotiation and/or evaluation of green growth public policies and governance, green growth strategies and plans related to public and/or private sectors.

Extended experience on financial and administrative procedures for projects financed by major international development institutions (World Bank, European Union, United Nations, GEF, European Investment Bank or the like).

Strong analytical skills for complex multi-dimensional, multi-stakeholder processes.

Excellent communication capacities, both written and spoken, including the organisation of workshops, conferences for different types of stakeholders, both public and private.

Estimated Manpower To be determined
Mission Begin To be determined
Mission End To be determined
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