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This Project is now closed

Support in the Implementation of Air Quality Directives

Country North Macedonia
Sectors Environment
Language English
North Macedonian
Status Prequalification
CV Deadline 2021-06-25 (Closed Project)

The overall objective of the contract is to improve the ambient air quality in the country by producing legislation in compliance with the EU acquis, relevant documents for improving the air quality assessment of all relevant pollutants, by defining and prioritizing measures for air quality improvement and by straightening the capacities for air quality management in the country.

The contract’s purpose is to provide assistance in completion of the national legal framework for air quality by preparation of new law and number of secondary legislation acts in compliance with EU directives from the clean air package. In addition, the activities include development of national planning documents for air quality improvement considering carefully the relationship between ambient air quality criteria and emissions from different sources. Furthermore, trainings are planned for competent authorities on central and local level that will support the process of improving and completing the monitoring as well as the assessment of air quality in order to better control air pollution. Activities for strengthening the administrative capacities for improving the emission inventories and dispersion modelling should also be included.

Project Position

Position Team Leader
  • Masters degree, preferably PhD on environmental science, environmental law, engineering, chemistry, physics, geography, political sciences related to the environment.
  • Scientific knowledge (chemistry, physics) of most common air pollutants.
  • Full proficiency in English and North Macedonian; knowledge of other local/regional languages is an asset (Bulgarian, Albanian).
Required Experience
  • At least 10 years of proven professional experience as team leader for large projects financed by international donors, expertise on EU rules and regulations regarding project management (PRAG) a definitive asset.
  • At least 5 years as TL on projects related to environmental management, including air quality.
  • Excellent knowledge and expertise of project management cycle, EU rules regarding project management (PRAG).
  • At least 10 years of proven professional experience on: (1) Control of emissions of primary and secondary pollutants (and harmful substances in general) into the atmosphere for instance through improvement of fuel quality, integration of environmental protection requirements into the transport and energy sectors; (2) Knowledge on the effects of pollutants (primary and secondary) on human health and on the environment; and (3) EU Clean Air Programme and EU Air Policy.
  • At least 5 years of proven professional experience on: (1) Reviewing / formulating national laws and regulations regarding environment, preferably air quality; (2) Preparing legal and /or planning documents related to air quality, in line with the requirements of the EU acquis; and (3) Training – capacity building of national and regional government institutions in charge of environment, including air quality.
  • Geographical expertise in North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania or the former Yugoslavia.
Mission Begin June 2021
Mission End May 2023
Contact Julie Fischer