Prospect Expert Platform

This Project is now closed

Team leader

Country Thailand and Mekong Sub Region Countries
Sectors Environment, Rural development and food security
Language English
Status Prequalification
CV Deadline 2019-11-12 (Closed Project)

Facilitate an effective and efficient MRC Development Partners Group to the Mekong River Commission within its existing and future mandate.

  1. Technical and strategic support to the MRC Development Partners (DP) Group (June 2020 to June 2021). This will include (but not limited to): a. Technical support to the organisation of the DP meetings, b. Follow-up on meeting points of action with development partners and the MRC Secretariat; c. Support to the drafting of DP statements at the informal DP meeting and Council meeting; d. Follow the development and implementation of the Basin Development Plan, the Strategic Plan 2020-2025 and the annual work plan 2021 and 2022 and report on these to the DP group; e. Organisation (including logistics) of a single training/capacity building event
  2. Facilitation of future donor support to the Mekong River Commission. This will include (but not limited to): a. Analysis of the revised MRC Basin Development Plan, Strategic Plan 2021-2025 including the updated Basket Fund Mechanism and in particular the revised financial manual and internal control mechanisms. b. Ensure consistency and complementarity with the work undertaken for the ASEAN Community building and integration process. c. Support the drafting of potential documentation for a future financial contribution to the MRC.
  3. Advisory support to the MRC and MRC DP Group on the MRC reform process throughout the period of the assignment.
  4. Analytical review of MRC products (studies, research products and on the ground activities) core functions and procedural rules, as relevant during the period of assignment.

Project Position

Position Category I Technical Expert

At least Master Degree, Academic level, in sustainable natural resources management, integrated water resources management, environmental policy and management or related subject.

Required Experience

a) General Professional Experience: · At least 12 (twelve) years of accumulated professional experience related to international development cooperation, preferably in water or water-related institutions such as international river basin organisations; · Proven prior experience on 1 (one) similar assignment for the EU or another development partner is required.

b) Specific Professional Experience: · In-depth knowledge of the Mekong Basin development context and the Mekong River Commission is required as proven by minimum 5 year of professional experience in the region or 2 years' experience working with the MRC. · Ability to communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing is compulsory as proven by either academic achievements or prior experience presenting complex issues in English both orally and in writing.

Estimated Manpower 150 WD
Mission Begin June 2020
Mission End July 2021

Knowledge of one or more of the MRC countries’ official languages will be considered an asset.

Contact Christophe De Jaegher