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Développement rural

Le développement rural est un domaine qui reste une des thématiques privilégiées des fondateurs de la société. Nous sommes convaincu que le développement rural est à la source de l’amélioration des conditions de vie et du bien être du monde rural. Il passe par l’intégration des éléments économiques et sociaux devant conduire à des modes de développent durable (ou des modes de production et de consommation durable).

L’expertise de la société dans le domaine du développement durable et de la sécurité alimentaire comprend l’hydraulique villageoise, les technologies appropriées, la place de la femme dans le développement, le développement communautaire, les aspects de la réforme agraire et le crédit rural.

Rural development remains at the heart of Prospect’s work. We believe that such development should have in its foundations the improvement of living conditions in rural communities, and in integrating those economic and social elements that will lead to patterns of sustainable development.

Prospect’s expertise in the rural development sector includes: food security, village and rural hydraulics, appropriate technologies, women and development (gender issues), community development, extension services, land reform, and rural credit. For more details on specific fields:

Selected Project References:

Agricultural Production:

Technical support to the working group responsible for designing the Agricultural Development Fund

The project comprised the establishment of an inter-ministerial working group to investigate the harmonisation of the different conceptual approaches for agricultural development funds. Within this context the objectives of the project were to contribute to the elaboration of a regional financing instrument that would be operational for agricultural support and more specifically to:

  • Determine and specify the scope of the mission and operational management of the regional agricultural development fund.
  • Specify legal statutes that would take into account the ongoing analysis and current recommendations provided by the Ministry for Decentralisation and Territorial Planning as well as the applicable financing rules.

Besides this, the project contributed to the report on the design and establishment of a regional agricultural development fund; covering its purpose, operational management and replenishment mechanisms, draft statutes, by-laws and internal regulations.
Client: European Commission Delegation, Madagascar
Location: Madagascar
Period: 2007

Environmental evaluation of the Projet d'Appui au Développement du MOno et du Couffo (PADMOC)

PADMOC’s main objective is to contribute to the strengthening of the food security by the diversification and increase of agricultural production. However, the projects foreseen in the frame of this programme could have negative environmental impacts. Thus, in accordance with Benin law, an environmental impact evaluation was conducted under the supervision of ABE (Agence Béninoise pour l'Environnement). The EIA analysed all related agricultural and rural activities and proposed tangible attenuation measures. In addition further measures were suggested that would additionally reinforce the positive impacts of PADMOC projects.
Client: African Development Bank
Location: Benin
Period: 2001-2002

Land Use Management:

Formulation of the Tata’s Havens Rehabilitation and Development Project

Prospect was contracted to provide technical assistance for the formulation of a rehabilitation and development project in the Oasis of Tata in Morocco. The overall goal of the project was to contribute to the conservation and the valorisation of the economic and ecological resources of the oasis ecosystem. Specific objectives were the - participatory - development of an ecologically sustainable agricultural production system (palm tree) through an increase of the economic added value of quality date production, by strengthening associations and co-operatives and, eventually, the ecological restoration of the oasis ecosystem.
Client: Belgian Technical Co-operation (BTC)
Location: Morocco
Period: 2007

Technical Assistance for the implementation of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Forestry Programme

The project provided a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) - in both entities - for the World Bank Forestry programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina (the “National Forestry Programme”). The assistance provided by Prospect included:

  • Financial and administrative support to the programme implementation;
  • The organisation of tendering procedures for procurement and supplies necessary in the National Programme, including the development of the technical specifications;
  • Information exchange on forestry related activities by international organisation in BiH; and
  • Monitoring and evaluation of performance by implementing partners.

Besides this, the project provided technical support to the forestry sector in the following fields: forest legislation and policy (harmonisation with international initiatives); natural parks development; timber marketing and pricing.
Client: European Commission – SCR (Sarajevo Delegation)
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Period: 1999-2001

Rural Communities:

Formulation of a new micro-realisation programme (PMR2) in the frame of the 10th EDF

The purpose of the PMR is to strengthen the capacities of rural communities and of civil society in general. The micro-realisations, supported by this programme, are mainly centred on rural infrastructure developments that aim to improve the livelihood of rural populations through:

  • realisations related to agricultural trade activities: roads, markets;
  • realisations related to water use and consumption : wells, pumps;
  • realisations related to health and social services infrastructures.
  • Prospect completed this assignment using a two-step approach:
  • Evaluation of the first micro-realisation programme (PMR1). Analysis of the main issues and recommendations for the new programme.
  • Elaboration of the new micro-realization programme (PMR2) :
    • elaboration of the action fiche
    • Technical and administrative arrangements
    • Logical framework
    • Provisional budget plan and work plan

Client: European Commission, EuropeAid
Location: Central African Republic
Period: 2008

Final Evaluation of the National Component of the Sustainable Nutrition Rehabilitation Programme (SNRP)

Prospect was in charge of the technical review of the Integrated Nutrition and Food Security Surveillance System (INFSSS). This involved a rigorous evaluation of the statistical underpinning of the surveillance system, including its: accuracy, coverage, relevance, timeliness, and appropriateness for decision making.
Client: European Commission, EuropeAid, for European Development Fund (EDF)
Location: Malawi
Period: 2008

Evaluation of the Gorgol Integrated Rural Development project

Prospect was contracted to perform an evaluation of the integrated rural development programme in Gorgol Region, Senegal. This programme, which was implemented by Caritas Mauritania, consists of activities in different sectors: agriculture and environment; health and sanitary; gender; literacy; income generating activities. Prospect’s expert reviewed and evaluated all activities related to the project and provided advice for continuation of the project.
Client: Secours Catholique (Caritas France)
Location: Senegal
Period: 2001